An Interview With A King

As you all know my oldest child and only son, King is actually autistic. So figured what better way to celebrate Autism Awareness Month than to make my first post of the month all about King. In order for you all to get to know him a little better, we sat down for an interview with King.

1. What is your favorite color? Red
2. What is your favorite food? Pizza
3. What is your favorite treat? Anything and everything chocolate
4. What is your favorite subject in school? Math I'm really good at math
5. What is your favorite sport? Football
6. What is your favorite hobby? Video games and computer games I like them equally
7. What is your favorite movie? I don't really have one
8. What is your favorite tv show? I don't really have one of those either I like YouTube
9. What is your favorite book? Minecraft
10. What is your favorite animal? baby jaguars actually all baby animals
11. What is your favorite song? That one song hmm (starts singing) Luke Skywalking on them haters
12. What is your favorite restaurant? Any place with pizza
13. What is your favorite place to visit? My mural and nana's house
14. Where do you want to visit someday? Great Wolf Lodge
15. Where do you think you will go to college? Wait where is the closest college to my house? That's where I want to go.
16. What do you want to be when you grow up? A video game designer
17. What is something you want to learn to do? Drive
18. What are your strengths? Math I'm good at math
19. Who is your best friend? I don't really have one...wait, MOMMY!
20. What is something you wish for? Uncle Pooh to still be alive.
21. What is something you wonder about? What grandma, and nana, and my cousins are doing
22. Who is someone you miss? Grandma (side note she was just here Sunday and will be back Wednesday it's now Tuesday...this kid loves his grandparents)
23. What makes you happy? seeing grandma and nana
24. How do you feel about having autism? It's great.
25. Do you feel like you are different from other kids? Nope

Interviewing your children can be so much fun. You learn so much! I plan on doing this with the other kids on their birthdays. I can't wait to see how their answers change and how many actually stay the same. 


  1. thank you all for reading all about my king

    1. He’s so simple I can appreciate that lol that bond he has with the grandparents it a good one ❤️

  2. My grandson Kingston is the dopest person I know love him unconditional

  3. King is my spirt animal #12 though ayeeee I love him. He’s such a great kid!

    1. He is hilarious girl lol I swear I thought every answer was going to be pizza. Lol

  4. I loved this interview, you can tell you didn’t try to manipulate the answers either lol he was just himself and you allowed him to be- and I love that!! 💕

    1. Thanks i made an effort to really let whatever he say be his answer because it would defeat the purpose you know

  5. Ok i love this so much! He’s full of glory sis xo Jalyssa

  6. This made me love him even more. The answers to 24 and 25, so on point and great. You get em King.


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