UpLift The Ladies with Harper Wilde

Ok ladies. This one is for US! As a busy mom raising three children and planning a wedding “Congratulations!” "OH, THANKS!" L.O.L. I have to say Harper Wilde has been a lifesaver. I have no time for B.S. bra shopping. No more going in and out different stores trying on different bras struggling to figure out which one fits best. A comfy, well fitting, bra delivered right to my door! WHAT!… YES, you read correctly!

Harper Wilde is a woman's owned business that we can actually be proud to stand behind. They have created an everyday bra that matches woman’s real needs. Oh, and I did I mention the quality and price is something we can stand behind as well. I’m all about getting my money’s worth and I know you all are too. 

How does it work you ask? All you have to do is follow three simple steps. 

*First, choose three different bras to try on from the comfort of your own home. FOR FREE! 

*Then, you have seven days, an entire week, to try them on with different looks to get a better feel for which one works best for you. 

*Last, keep the ones you want and return the ones you don’t.

I mean how much easier can that be? My favorite part of this, other than the fact that the bras come to your doorstep, is the fact that you get a week to test them out. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried on a bra in a dressing room with one look loved it, then went home to wear it again and regretted the decision. So there you have it ladies GO WILDE with Harper Wilde and #UpLiftTheLadies


  1. Yass I love Harper Wilde I am literally wearing mine right now :) it's so comfy! I'm digging your blog post and I love all the bride stuff!

  2. Yes for the bride hints in the background! Lol this sounds like a dream, especially with tatas as big as mine! Lol

  3. I need to go bra shopping in the worst way. Alot of mine are too small or misshapen from overuse. Mama needs some better boulder holders lol

  4. Love the concept of trying on and returning ! Sometimes heading to the store seems impossible when you’re a mom !


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