Rainy Days The Spring Break Way

"Sunny days, everybody loves them
Tell me baby can you stand the rain?
Storms will come
This we know for sure (This we know for sure)
Can you stand the rain?"

This week is Da Bratt Pack's official Spring Break and of course, it started off with a bang! A bang of thunder, and lighting and a lot of rain. No worries thanks to my trusty weather app I was fully prepared. Here are a few ideas to keep your littles busy and you sane during those rainy Spring Break days.

1. Let them help you cook! Everyone has to eat and what better way to keep them entertained than to let them help you whip up breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. They'll be home all day people any meal will work.

2. Play a game together. If your son is anything like mines games are life. He's more into computer games and gaming consoles but we put the electronics down for a good old fashion game of tic tac toe and they had a blast. Both of the big kids were amazing when the boss baby beat them both TWICE!

you can find this adorable wooden tic-tac-toe game at thisandthatetc.

3. Read a book together. Snuggle up have each kid pick a book and have a reading marathon with them. It's the perfect way to keep them on track with their school reading while they're on break.

4. PLAY IN THE RAIN! Sometimes they just need to get out and get some fresh air. No need to let the rain stop the fun. Pull out those rain boots and raincoats splash in all the puddles! A little time in the rain won't hurt them.

5. Netflix and Chill (literally) Grab a bunch of their favorite movies snacks and settle in for a movie day! I let each child pick a movie and we sat and watched them all!! I was surprised they lasted through three movies but snacks help.

6. Have an indoor picnic. Well, they have to eat lunch right? Why not lay out a blanket and have lunch on the floor picnic style. They really got a kick out of not sitting at the table for a meal for once. 

7. Build a fort! One thing for sure kids loves forts! They can play, read their books for their book marathon, and even nap in there.    

8. Indoor Hide & Seek. If old fashion board games aren't enough and they just have to get some energy out old school games from your childhood will do the trick. If you're anything like me you might even get a few extra sips of coffee in while they hide and you "seek" 

9. Have A Dance Party! If it's lighting and thundering you probably shouldn't let them go play in the rain. Clear the floor turn on some music and get down! It's the best way to get all that non-stop superhuman kid energy out.

10. Write A Letter. Have them pull out some paper and pencils and write a handwritten letter to family out of town or their best friend at school! This is another way to keep them on track for school without having them do actual school work or worksheets.

you can find these dope notebooks and pencils at 

If you just have to get out the house take advantage of your local libraries, movie theaters, and indoor play areas. There are tons of activities to keep them busy on rainy days Google and Pinterest saves lives people. Do everyone a favor and keep them busy! Don't let a rainy day ruin your little ones Spring Break! Not currently on Spring Break? No worries these activities work for any rainy day!


  1. Such cute ideas! I can't wait until my daughter's older! Alsooo netflix and chill FOR LIFEEEEEEE!

    1. yes to Netflix! they have all the best family movies and shows

  2. I love these activity suggestions ! It’s always nice to show children you can enjoy time inside of the home- you don’t always have to spend money and go out to have fun !

  3. I have a few similar ideas on my blog too i'm totally loving this I hope once its time for spring break for Ivy the rain stops. If not now I got your blog for fun times :)

  4. These are all great ideas we utilize them now since spring is playing peek a boo with us �� all but the board games because I didn’t think my crew was old enough yet.

    1. Lennox plays so I'm sure your crew can get down with some board games too!

  5. These are super good ideas, especially since I hate all things wet and cold! DJ is going stir crazy in here since last year with all this snow and rain we’ve had! Lol I’ll be using these tips sis!

    1. I was going to say don't worry he will be able to get out soon but the way yall snow set up...lol


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