Bunny Bait

Ok so I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm no Pinterest mom even though I'd love to be. With the kids home from school for Easter I figured a quick (because their attention spans are short) and easy (because I somehow didn't get the baking mom gene) Easter theme snack would be fun. So together we made BUNNY BAIT! What's bunny bait? Only the yummiest and most addictive snack ever! Oh, and did I mention it takes less than 20 minutes! 

Somebunny couldn't stop stealing all the candy  *cough* Lenny *cough*

All You Need Is:
1 bag Salted Popped Popcorn
1 cup Pretzel Bits
1 cup Easter Milk Chocolate M&M's 
1-16oz bag Bright White Wilton Candy Melts

All You Have To Do Is:
1. Line baking sheet with wax paper
2. Spread the popcorn out onto the baking sheet (make sure you remove all kernels
3. Heat the candy melts (use a microwavable safe dish on 50% for about 2-3 minute stirring every 30 seconds until melted)
4. Pour the melted chocolate evenly over the popcorn and gently mix
5. Add m&m's and sprinkles then mix again
6. Let harden for about 20 minutes then break apart

Surviving Spring Break with Kudo Banz

Ok, so we recently received Kudo Banz to try out and with the Da Bratt Pack on spring break we saw this as the perfect opportunity to put them to the test. Never heard of it? Oh well, let me fill you in. Kudos Banz is similar to sticker charts but on your child’s wrist so it’s always there when you need it. Perfect for at home or on the go. They help to decrease tantrums, creative better-listening skills and make parenting easier. 


First, you read the Kudo Banz story to your kids to help them get excited. My kids got a kick out of the fact that one of the characters was named after their dad. Next, you reward your child for good behavior by giving them a “Kudo” which is a little charm for their bands. Now be sure to save the magical kudos charm for last because once they have earned that third charm you scan it with the free downloadable app. There, they have the opportunity to spin a reward wheel that can even be customized to fit your individual child! 

I don’t know about your little ones but mine can get a little extra excited during holidays or breaks from school and spring break was no different. To ensure we all had a good time we sat down and set goals for when we were out on adventures. I wasn’t too sure how well this was going to work in the beginning. Especially when I leaned over to remind the youngest of the tribe to remember her table manners so she can earn her star and she matter of factly told me “I don’t like stars I like the moon.” To my surprise the Kudo Banz actually worked. Not only were they listening and following goals that they help set but they were working together and encouraging each other to do their best so they could spin their reward wheels together! We survived meals, a zoo day, and even a little spring break spring cleaning all with the help of Kudo Banz!

UpLift The Ladies with Harper Wilde

Ok ladies. This one is for US! As a busy mom raising three children and planning a wedding “Congratulations!” "OH, THANKS!" L.O.L. I have to say Harper Wilde has been a lifesaver. I have no time for B.S. bra shopping. No more going in and out different stores trying on different bras struggling to figure out which one fits best. A comfy, well fitting, bra delivered right to my door! WHAT!… YES, you read correctly!

Harper Wilde is a woman's owned business that we can actually be proud to stand behind. They have created an everyday bra that matches woman’s real needs. Oh, and I did I mention the quality and price is something we can stand behind as well. I’m all about getting my money’s worth and I know you all are too. 

How does it work you ask? All you have to do is follow three simple steps. 

*First, choose three different bras to try on from the comfort of your own home. FOR FREE! 

*Then, you have seven days, an entire week, to try them on with different looks to get a better feel for which one works best for you. 

*Last, keep the ones you want and return the ones you don’t.

I mean how much easier can that be? My favorite part of this, other than the fact that the bras come to your doorstep, is the fact that you get a week to test them out. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried on a bra in a dressing room with one look loved it, then went home to wear it again and regretted the decision. So there you have it ladies GO WILDE with Harper Wilde and #UpLiftTheLadies

Rainy Days The Spring Break Way

"Sunny days, everybody loves them
Tell me baby can you stand the rain?
Storms will come
This we know for sure (This we know for sure)
Can you stand the rain?"

This week is Da Bratt Pack's official Spring Break and of course, it started off with a bang! A bang of thunder, and lighting and a lot of rain. No worries thanks to my trusty weather app I was fully prepared. Here are a few ideas to keep your littles busy and you sane during those rainy Spring Break days.

1. Let them help you cook! Everyone has to eat and what better way to keep them entertained than to let them help you whip up breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. They'll be home all day people any meal will work.

2. Play a game together. If your son is anything like mines games are life. He's more into computer games and gaming consoles but we put the electronics down for a good old fashion game of tic tac toe and they had a blast. Both of the big kids were amazing when the boss baby beat them both TWICE!

you can find this adorable wooden tic-tac-toe game at thisandthatetc.

3. Read a book together. Snuggle up have each kid pick a book and have a reading marathon with them. It's the perfect way to keep them on track with their school reading while they're on break.

4. PLAY IN THE RAIN! Sometimes they just need to get out and get some fresh air. No need to let the rain stop the fun. Pull out those rain boots and raincoats splash in all the puddles! A little time in the rain won't hurt them.

5. Netflix and Chill (literally) Grab a bunch of their favorite movies snacks and settle in for a movie day! I let each child pick a movie and we sat and watched them all!! I was surprised they lasted through three movies but snacks help.

6. Have an indoor picnic. Well, they have to eat lunch right? Why not lay out a blanket and have lunch on the floor picnic style. They really got a kick out of not sitting at the table for a meal for once. 

7. Build a fort! One thing for sure kids loves forts! They can play, read their books for their book marathon, and even nap in there.    

8. Indoor Hide & Seek. If old fashion board games aren't enough and they just have to get some energy out old school games from your childhood will do the trick. If you're anything like me you might even get a few extra sips of coffee in while they hide and you "seek" 

9. Have A Dance Party! If it's lighting and thundering you probably shouldn't let them go play in the rain. Clear the floor turn on some music and get down! It's the best way to get all that non-stop superhuman kid energy out.

10. Write A Letter. Have them pull out some paper and pencils and write a handwritten letter to family out of town or their best friend at school! This is another way to keep them on track for school without having them do actual school work or worksheets.

you can find these dope notebooks and pencils at 

If you just have to get out the house take advantage of your local libraries, movie theaters, and indoor play areas. There are tons of activities to keep them busy on rainy days Google and Pinterest saves lives people. Do everyone a favor and keep them busy! Don't let a rainy day ruin your little ones Spring Break! Not currently on Spring Break? No worries these activities work for any rainy day!

Hop Into Spring With Osmo Play

"I said a hip hop
Hippie to the hippie

The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it out
Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie

To the rhythm of the boogie the beat"

It's officially the first day of spring and we're hop'n into the spirit with the homie Awbie. Who's Awbie you ask? He's our little friend from Osmo Play that takes us on coding adventures! I've spoken about Osmo Play on the blog before before on the blog you can find that post here: osmo pizza co. and told y'all about how much my Da Bratt Pack are obsessed with this interactive S.T.E.M based game. Well needless to say the egg-cited when we got this baby in the mail. It's simple, fun, and egg-ucational all at the same time. OK OK enough with the puns. 

Coding Adventures with Awbie is truly a fun and simple way to teach your kids coding. All they have to do is place the magnetic blocks in front your iPad into patterns and sequences and your child enables Awbie to go on magical adventures. You can personalize your space, travel through worlds, and even discover critter friends all from the comfort of your home. Great way to keep them engaged right?

With Easter right around the corner, this is the perfect time to grab Coding Awbie to add to those dope Pinterest style baskets I know you all are putting together. It makes the perfect gift! Lucky for you our friends over at Play Osmo is offering a 30% off discount (for US only) from today March 20th- March 29th. Don't Miss Out!

Coding Awdie is part of the Osmo World that currently has 10 experiences and growing! So Grab your iPad don't forget the Osmo base (it's required in order to play) and get to coding! 


If you follow me on Instagram thatdopemom then you know I just announced I’M ENGAGED! Yes, 11 years and three kids later we are finally tying the knot. Doing things ass-backward but that’s The Washington Way! 

Everyone's first question is always how did he propose? I’ll start by saying there were a few different times he tried and I had no idea. He’s a genius so he decided to try to pop the question right in the middle of me getting my teeth worked on. There was a rooftop date that got cut short because my wisdom tooth was bothering me so bad. Then I’m pretty sure there was a moment after getting my wisdom tooth pulled where he tried again but I was either in too much pain or too drugged up to notice what was happening. LOL. What was this guy thinking? Well, one afternoon while I was feeling better and folding clothes he decided enough was enough. This was going to be the day. He somehow slipped the ring box in the basket without me noticing. I picked it up and in true form looked at him and said: “Shut the f*&@ up!” LOL Romantic right? Smh. He laughed taking the box from me. Next thing I knew the kids were running into the room screaming. “Will you marry daddy!” When I say kids I mean Aya. King and Lennox never follow the plan smh. King simply ran into the room trying to not run back to his room to finish his game and Lennox just yelled with excitement, no words just yelling. She had no idea what was really going on. Still laughing I said yes and he slipped the ring on my finger. I mean the whole thing could have really been in a romance novel NOT. This proposal was definitely us and makes for a great story. I wouldn’t change it for all the rose petals and candlelit dinners in the world. 

We have taken on adulthood, parenthood, and now entering into married life together and I wouldn’t want to do this thing called life with anyone else. Crazy, funny, messy, and everything in between This is THE WASHINGTON WAY!

OH YOU FANCY HUH?? The Mom “Uniform” The Dope Mom Way

Behind every dope mom, there is a dope uniform. You know the go-to look that makes you feel like mom goals even though you probably just scrubbed throw up off the shoulder of your t-shirt. I've collab with two extremely dope moms Kiara Hadley from MuvaKeeks and Jalyssa Richardson from XOXO Jalyssa to share with you our Dope Mom Uniforms. While we each have different styles one thing remains the same WE FANCY (or at least well put together!)  


For me, my mom uniform almost always consists of a graphic tee, high waisted jeans, and sneakers. Quick! Easy! Comfy, but still stylish exactly what I feel a mom uniform needs to be. When it comes to the graphic tee they range from my favorite comics, a saying that describes my feelings perfectly, or even a dope concert tee... I mean you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Now the jeans.... HIGH WAISTED are my go to. They fit me well and make me look “snatched” all while hiding my mom pouch. Yes, I still have a mom pouch, yes my baby is three, I'm working on it my snapback game is weak but that's a different story for a different blog post. Sneakers are always my go to. They are comfy yet flyy. You can wear just about anything sweats, leggings, even a skirt, and with the right pair of sneakers you are automatically winning. My accessories may change over the years, for example, I’m rocking a trendy fanny pack (yes I used the word trendy and fanny pack in the same sentence in 2018) these days instead of my trusty backpack purse, but the blueprint remains the same. 

Hey ladies! My name is Jalyssa & I’m a mama of 3 boys. My mom uniform consists of quick & simple with a touch of “she’s extra”. I love a simple jumpsuit with loud accessories. My hair is my forgotten child so I have grown to love a cute head wrap. Give me some comfy shoes, some giant earrings, & a nice lip color & I am set. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice style for comfort. It takes me about 20 minutes a day to get ready & I have to be comfortable chasing around 3 crazy boys! xo Jalyssa

My style has definitely changed since becoming a mama. I still like to be fly, I just traded in my heels for sneaks. Having a busybody toddler, I'm always on the go, so my outfits usually reflect that. My staple piece is "mom jeans" or boyfriend jeans. they're stylish but still loose enough for me to move around in. Toss on a plaid shirt, my combat boots, and I'm ready to go.

Tiny Dancer

Growing up I remember my cousin and I having these jewelry boxes that had a tiny little dancer inside. Whenever you opened it the box would play a soft little tune while she twirls around, I loved that jewelry box. Years later I’m now a mom myself raising three children two being beautiful brown girls. While strolling through the gram (Instagram) one day I received a message from an amazing shop Nia.Ballerina. From first glance, I knew I wanted to be apart of their message #representationmatters because well it does….it’s that simple. It's important for children to have positive images that look like them while growing up and its something I am passionate about. I try to make sure this is the case throughout their childhood from the books they read, to the toys they play with, to the movies they watch.

It wasn't until after I got past the beauty of their brands' message that noticed it, the jewelry box I had when I was younger. This time however that tiny little dancer was a brown ballerina! You see while I still loved my jewelry box my tiny dancer didn't like me. I was thrilled, I could now share a piece of my childhood with my girls while also providing them with a ballerina that actually resembled them. Dope right?? The jewelry box itself is a great way to keep their little accessories in a neat organize place, I’m working hard on creating better organization habits. However, the girls get more joy out of opening it to watch the little dance twirl around mimicking her action. It’s such a sweet moment to watch. While my jewelry box was lost over the years I plan to keep their Nia.Ballerina jewelry box close in hopes that they can share this same experience with their own children one day.