Bunny Bait

Ok so I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm no Pinterest mom even though I'd love to be. With the kids home from school for Easter I figured a quick (because their attention spans are short) and easy (because I somehow didn't get the baking mom gene) Easter theme snack w…

Surviving Spring Break with Kudo Banz

Ok, so we recently received Kudo Banz to try out and with the Da Bratt Pack on spring break we saw this as the perfect opportunity to put them to the test. Never heard of it? Oh well, let me fill you in. Kudos Banz is similar to sticker charts but on your child’s wrist so it’s always there when you…

UpLift The Ladies with Harper Wilde

Ok ladies. This one is for US! As a busy mom raising three children and planning a wedding “Congratulations!”"OH, THANKS!" L.O.L. I have to say Harper Wilde has been a lifesaver. I have no time for B.S. bra shopping. No more going in and out different stores trying on different bras stru…

Rainy Days The Spring Break Way

"Sunny days, everybody loves them
Tell me baby can you stand the rain?
Storms will come
This we know for sure (This we know for sure)
Can you stand the rain?"

This week is Da Bratt Pack's official Spring Break and of course, it started off with a bang! A bang of thunder, and lighting and a…

Hop Into Spring With Osmo Play

"I said a hip hop
Hippie to the hippie

The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it out
Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie

To the rhythm of the boogie the beat"

It's officially the first day of spring and we're hop'n into the spirit with the homie Awbie. …


If you follow me on Instagram thatdopemom then you know I just announced I’M ENGAGED! Yes, 11 years and three kids later we are finally tying the knot. Doing things ass-backward but that’s The Washington Way! 

Everyone's first question is always how did he propose? I’ll start by saying there wer…

OH YOU FANCY HUH?? The Mom “Uniform” The Dope Mom Way

Behind every dope mom, there is a dope uniform. You know the go-to look that makes you feel like mom goals even though you probably just scrubbed throw up off the shoulder of your t-shirt. I've collab with two extremely dope moms Kiara Hadley from MuvaKeeks and Jalyssa Richardson from XOXO Jaly…

Tiny Dancer

Growing up I remember my cousin and I having these jewelry boxes that had a tiny little dancer inside. Whenever you opened it the box would play a soft little tune while she twirls around, I loved that jewelry box. Years later I’m now a mom myself raising three children two being beautiful brown g…