Not So Basic Class Valentines

February is the shortest month of the year and also the busiest for our family. We kick the month off celebrating the birth of our first born and this year was a big one, double digits, the big 10! The next week is all about momma. Yes, I’m team Aquarius right along with my big baby. The third week quickly follows with Valentines Day leaving me little to no time to get da bratt pack class Valentines Card together. I mean we could also be basic and grab a box or two of those store bought cards, and trust me we have more than a few times, but when you are raising creative souls sometimes you have to think outside the box. Thanks to Be You & Own It, a dope coloring book company, I can serve up Pinterest worthy class Valentines with little to no effort. A click of the mouse and I’m done. #winning

*Oh, and did I mention they have the dopest coloring books for kids living life their way? I think I did. (mom brain) Adding positive books to your children’s collection is always a good idea…your little ones will love it and so will you. You can find these cool coloring books on amazon